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How to Market Your Referral Agency to Increase Customer Retention

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

One of the best things about being a cleaning referral agency is the ability to market your business in a way that reduces turnover of clients, because you get to offer your clients choices! And when they have choices, they have the option to try something else within your agency instead of leaving and trying something else elsewhere. Make sure you use this selling point in your marketing and in your sales calls. I would even remind them of this benefit regularly in your newsletters.

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Better Customer Retention via Referral Agency Model

“What we have is choice”

What if the undesirable happens? You have a client unhappy with the experience of having their home cleaned. If you are a cleaning company, the client says “This is reflective of the company. I don’t like the employee, I don’t like the company.”

What if you could say “I’m sorry that you were not happy with the person we have matched with you this time, but we have many other matches to offer you.”? This is one of the best ways to sell the benefits of a Referral Agency. What we have is choice. Why should the client go anywhere else? Your customer service is saying the most satisfying thing possible to an unsatisfied customer- I will make this right, with minimal upset to your life. How do you react to that kind of customer service? “Ok” you say “I’ll give them a chance to make me happy, after all they were so nice and responsive!”

The options that Referral Agency customer service has to offer will encourage good reviews even with a poor cleaning experience. The client has lodged their complaint for a particular cleaning experience and satisfied that they have been heard and someone is on the job to make them happy, may wait to review the Agency while awaiting for their perfect cleaning match. Then, when they have the cleaner that fits them, will ultimately leave a positive online review.

A different cleaning experience provided by a different match is much to be preferred to changing cleaning companies. No need to go through all the effort of seeking out another company, setting up billing, scheduling, and providing specific instructions. An agency can make this right by the simplest means possible- a whole new experience with a different independent cleaner! They already know they can trust that anyone coming into their home has been screened and vetted. They just need someone who fits their expectations. You have that! The result is low customer turnover and more clients happily staying with your company.

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