12 Sales (Re)Capture Emails Package

12 Sales Capture Emails to Convert Leads to Book, Convert One Times to Recurring, Recapture Canceled New Clients and Recapture Canceled Recurring Clients


One of the most neglected core focuses of growing a business is converting leads. Just think about it. You spend a lot of money and energy on marketing to expose business and draw leads to your website or to call you on the phone. How much money and energy do you actually spend on continually marketing to those leads after the first point of contact?


I use an automated email campaign to stay in touch with leads and strike while the iron is hot! The objective of these emails is to do one of the following:


  • Convert leads to bookings during the peak interest period at the beginning points of contact
  • Convert one time bookings to recurring clients right after their first cleaning when they are still in love with their newly cleaned home
  • Recapture clients who cancel to incentivize continued service and restoring lost revenue
  • Enhance business’s sell-ability, become desirable to potential buyers if you ever decide to sell your business by having these permanent marketing system in place

 In this package you will see the exact 12 emails I use to automatically send to contacts based on the stage they are in the sales pipeline. You can duplicate these emails yourself or use them for inspiration in your own marketing messages.


3 Convert Leads to Booking Emails


4 One Time Booked, Convert to Recurring Emails


3 Canceled Recurring Clients, Recapture Client Emails


1 New Customer Canceled Booking, Recapture Booking Email




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