Interview Package

Reduce complaints and improve customer retention. Ask the right questions.


Find out what cleaners would do in difficult situations that could compromise the agency’s reputation or the client’s service experience.  There’s nothing worse than disagreeing with a cleaner on how to handle a sticky customer situation AFTER it has already occured.


What's Included:

Schedule Interview Guide

This guide shows you how to schedule interviews in a way that almost eliminates no-shows. Includes sample confirmation email I use when scheduling interviews.


Interview Questions

A List of 23 interview questions from easy to extremely difficult. Discover what the candidate is really made of and if they can handle difficult situations independently. You’ll be able to use the cleaner’s answers to these questions if you have to face these situations in real life and hold them accountable for what they’ve promised to deliver.


Interview Assessment

This guide helps you determine what are acceptable answers and what pitfalls to watch out for. A very thorough explanation of how to redirect certain questions or how to dig deeper for more information. In a working dynamic where you cannot provide job evaluation and discipline due fundamental rules of working with indiependent contractors, properly assessing interview answers is the gateway to customer satisfaction success. 


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