Post Job Package

Fewer casual leads, more qualified candidates.


Recruiting a superstar cleaner starts with a job post. Not just any job post will do. Your job post must set the tone for the screening process, in-person interview and working relationship. This job post should not bring you any and all interested leads, it should bring you pre-qualified cleaning candidates who believe they meet the specific criterias you have laid out. Cut down on recruitment time by being specific and clear in your expectations so that cleaners can confidently apply to the job. Automate your systems by having candidates apply electronically.


What’s included:

Recruitment Web Page Sample

Start by creating a page on your website where job seekers can find you. Having a web page dedicated to recruiting makes it easier for cleaners to refer your work opportunity to other cleaners. This guide shows you what information should be included in your Recruitment Web Page.


Registration Inquiry Form (Application P1)

Candidates have viewed your job post or Recruitment Web Page and see the opportunities of working with your agency. Make it easy for them to apply online anytime by linking the form to an “apply now” button on your web page and link your web page to your job post. This guide shows you where you can create your form and what fields should be included in the form. The purpose is for candidates to self-assess their qualifications as they’re filling out the form.


Job Post

This is the job post that I use every time I am recruiting cleaners. Simply duplicate this with your agency’s information and have your job post up in minutes.

  • conveys what experience level will qualify

  • assures candidates they can continue with their existing clientele

  • gives them an idea of income potential

  • explains the working relationship is not employer-employee based between your agency and candidate

  • describes who this job opportunity is NOT suitable for




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