Marketing as a Referral Agency Bundle -All 3 Packages

What you get:


1. Animated Explainer Video


If you own a cleaning referral agency, you may find it difficult to convey the “we are a referral agency”  message to your online customers...without giving them so much information that you end up scaring them away and leave without booking. However, it is very important that customers understand they are working with a referral agency with independent cleaners rather than a company with employees in order to have the proper expectations for a long term relationship.


This explainer video seamlessly conveys what a referral agency is while highlighting the many benefits of working with a cleaning referral agency.


With this purchase, you will get the same version as this video with your own logo intro and outro (which we can make for you if you don’t already have) and your website at displayed at the bottom right hand corner throughout the video.


It will only be available for purchase by ONE cleaning referral agency per service area. You will be issued a full refund if you make a purchase after another referral agency in your area has already made a purchase and the product could not be delivered.


Video requires up to 3 days processing time after you have submitted your logo.


2. Sales Script


There are 2 ways leads can get service and pricing through my cleaning referral agency: through the booking page on my website or by calling.

Those who choose to call in rather than book online do so because they are not as quick to make decisions, not as trusting, need relationships to feel secure in buying decisions and want you to convince them to use your services. They want to be guided through the information to make an informed decision. So, it’s important you don’t rush the call or sound like you’re afraid to take too much of their time. They are your audience and this is your stage!

This downloadable sales script will help you:

  • Build value and show benefits of service before delivering price

  • Offer a drop-back strategy for price objections

  • Maximize conversion to recurring clients

  • Upsell and cross sell other services

  • Distinguish yourself as a referral agency and clarify your working relationship without scaring the customer away

  • For CA Referral Agencies: includes how to gracefully include the oral disclaimer and answer client questions about it


BONUS: Includes an accompanied video to go over each component of the script and explain its purpose.


Also includes:

  • Various customer questions and objections, and how to answer them such as “Are you insured and bonded?” “How will I know they will do a good job?” “What’s included in the cleaning exactly?”

  • Tips and ideas for working with vacation rentals, creating email automations, using tags within your CRM, etc.


3. 20 Marketing Methods


Marketing is the air supply of a business. It is a way to replace turn over and to grow your business. Over the past 8 years, I’ve dabbled in various marketing opportunities. Some were very effective and some were a huge waste of money. Avoid losing money on strategies that don’t work and focus on the ones that do. Learn the simple marketing methods that you can implement today. Find out the pitfalls and insider secrets to some of the more complex strategies that you can implement over the next few months.


Here’s a list of the top 20 strategies and tactics I’ve used in my marketing efforts, accompanied by a video going over each marketing method.


Also includes

  • A worksheet to help you implement easy marketing methods immediately, as well as plan out some more complex marketing methods for the near future

  • Tips on how to structure discounts to meet your marketing objective


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    $360.00Sale Price

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