Screen Leads Package

Assess qualifications in minutes. No more long phone screenings.


Phase two of the recruitment process is to screen the leads that come in. With the success of your job post, you won’t have to waste time kissing a hundred frogs to get one prince! This screening process allows you to assess if a lead is the right candidate to move forward, within minutes!


This helps you identify

  • do they plan to stick around long term

  • are they qualified to do the job and can back it up

  • do they meet your minimum criteria


What's Included:

Registration Inquiry Form (Application P1)

Candidates have viewed your job post or Recruitment Web Page and see the opportunities of working with your agency. Make it easy for them to apply online anytime by linking the form to an “apply now” button on your web page and link your web page to your job post. This guide shows you where you can create your form and what fields should be included in the form. The purpose is for candidates to self-assess their qualifications as they’re filling out the form.


Registration Inquiry Form Assessment

This guide shows you what answers are expected and acceptable in the Registration Inquiry Form. Simply filling out the form does not mean the applicant is able to advance to the next phase.  


Application Invitation & Email

Once you’ve determined a candidate should move to the next phase, send them this pre-drafted email with a link to complete their application process. With each step, both you and the candidate becomes more committed. Less no shows during interviews and waste less time with unqualified job seekers.

  • includes bullet points to go over with candidate during phone call to ensure expectations are set with independent contractor working arrangements

  • includes email sample I use to send the application


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