Vet Candidate Package

Don’t get fooled by a good first impression.Verify experience & qualifications.


One of the biggest concerns is how can an agency provide quality service to clients when they cannot train or control the work of the independent cleaners? The answer is to make sure the cleaners have a record of delivering great service and can prove it.


What's Included:

Reference Form & Schedule Preferences Form (Application P2 & P3)

This guide shows you all the fields in my Reference Form & Schedule Preferences Form and where you can create your own. Working with Independent Contractors means they get to determine their scope of work, where to work and what they offer. This form helps you identify if what they offer will meet your needs as a referral agency. It will also help you extract their references so you can verify their qualifications.


Personal & Professional Reference Checks

Once you’ve gathered the personal and professional references from the candidate, what questions will you ask the named reference in order to determine whether this candidate is qualified to register with your agency or not? These are the questions I use when checking references. They address some of the most problematic areas that clients complain most about house cleaners and you will discover how this candidate has dealt with those situations in the past.


Schedule Interview Guide

This guide shows you how to schedule interviews in a way that almost eliminates no-shows. Includes sample confirmation email I use when scheduling interviews.


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