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Automation Package A

What is Automation

Automation is the ability to send time or action triggered emails, text or action items to contacts with relevant information. With new technology, this can extend to text messages and so much more. Automation can be used to nurture leads with a focus on driving sales, or it can be used internally to manage tasks and workflow. In addition to email marketing, I also use automation to trigger adding to-do items on a list for my Virtual Assistant, to add a line item on my excel spreadsheet so I know how many new leads come in and how they heard about us,  to collect job applications and have a pipeline shared with my Recruiter so we never lose track of a candidate...and so much more! 

I put a lot of emphasis on lifestyle here at CCF. I want you to grow your business, earn a good living AND do it all in just 15-20 hours a week from anywhere in the world (or eventually 4 hours if that's what you desire). Automation is what makes that possible. 

Using automated email marketing, you can convert a lead to a booking, convert a booking into a recurring client, recapture a canceled recurring client, and so much more...automatically. Even one successful conversion to get a recurring client is worth your efforts to add a $3000 annual account to your business, while saving you manual labor and admin payroll.

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How This Course Works

CCF offers 2 Automation Packages (Package A & Package B), or you can purchase them together at a discount. 

Package A shows you step-by-step how to set up your own automation sequences in Active Campaign (2 pipelines to manage tasks for sales and support, and 6 email sequences to drive sales and nurture client relationships). It also shows you how to create 8 sequences on Zapier to connect your software accounts so that automation can occur when trigger actions take place. You will have access to PDFs of all my marketing emails, but you will have to draft your own.

Package B is specific to Active Campaign. It gives you access to transfer over the 2 pipelines to manage tasks and 6 email sequences directly into your account so you will not have to re-create them. This eliminates potential trial an error in the process. PLUS you get all the 45 pre-written emails within the email sequence, all to be copied over to your account with one simple step and await your personalization. 

Read course description below for each course to see what's included in detail.


In this lesson, I will show you how to set up a system just like mine in 8 Steps.

Don’t get me wrong…it’s not as easy as flipping on a light switch. But, what good things in life are that easy?

Content Package A

($550 when purchased separately)

After completing the course, you will have:

  • TWO pipeline systems to manage tasks. You will have a Sales Pipeline and a Support Task Pipeline. Tasks will be automatically and manually added to these pipelines so you or your office team will never forget a task again. Move tasks between stages to clearly see what action steps need to be taken next. Never forget to make a follow up call or send a client their referral reward…it’s all automatically added as a task in your pipeline when the right conditions are met.

  • SIX email automation sequences. It’s important that contacts receive messages that are specific to their circumstance. You wouldn’t want to send an establish recurring client an invitation to make their first booking with a new customer discount. You wouldn’t want to send a “Please come back, we miss you!” email to a contact who has never made a booking yet. The best way to convert a lead to book, or a onetime booking to a recurring client, is to send them appropriate messages at the right time. And, with this course you can have it all happen automatically! Here are the 7 email automation sequence you will be creating.

    • Convert Leads to Booking

    • One Time Booked

    • Recurring Clients

    • Canceled Recurring Clients

    • New Customer Canceled Booking

    • Leads & One Time Nurturing Automation

    *Note: Email templates not included. Consider purchasing the Premium Bundle with Package B to get all 45+ email templates already created and ready to be personalized with your business info, along with pre-written automation sequences. Both are easily transferable to your Active Campaign account.

  • EIGHT Zaps to automate and connect your software accounts. See the zaps in the table of contents below. These Zaps are the fairy dust that will create the magic of automation between your softwares. Using these zaps, when a customer is added to Launch 27, when a booking is made, or when a booking is canceled (and so much more), Zaps will trigger a sequence of actions that will automatically occur. For example, the new contact who did not make a booking will be sent to “Convert Leads to Booking” automation where they will receive a series of timed emails to encourage and incentivize them to book a cleaning. Or, when a new customer cancels a booking that has already been made, they will automatically enter the “New Customer Canceled Booking” where they will be encouraged to re-book their service. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  • BONUS items. Using Zapier, I will show you how to set up the following Bonus Features!

    • Document all new leads, new bookings, new recurring jobs, and canceled recurring jobs in Google Sheets…all happening automatically.

    • Have emails sent to contacts with a quote link whenever you save a job as a quote in Launch27, automatically.


Software Requirement:

Launch 27

Active Campaign (Here’s a referral link to a free trial if you don’t have AC set up yet)


Bonus Items will require:


Google Sheets


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