How This Course Works

This course can take you through all the phases of starting a running your own cleaning referral agency. Each lesson (and supporting downloads) can be purchased separately from the shop page (like this lesson here), or altogether assembled into a cohesive, sequential online course found in the "Complete Program" on the shop page. 


If you're already up and running but not sure if you have your foundations properly set up, I would recommend taking this full course. However if you're confident in your foundations, then select only the lessons/content you want to develop more from the shop page.


General Course Introduction

(available to view for free without enrolling)

  • Diem's Story

  • What to expect in this course

  • What exactly is a referral agency and how it works

  • Referral Agency vs Cleaning Company

  • What can a RA do for your quality of life

  • Start up cost & monthly expense​


Once you create a brand, it becomes your identity. The public will associate your image and reputation with that brand. Selecting the wrong image could cost you a lot of money to fix. Trust me, I know. My first company was named "Maid4U" an impossible name to verbally relay via phone. Each time I spoke with a new lead on the phone and they wanted to know our email or website address, I would have to say "Maid" "the number 4" "the letter U" each time...thousands of times! I can only imagine how hard it was for them to hear about us from a friend...and try to search our business on Google! 

In this lesson, I go over what to consider when creating a logo, selecting a domain name and creating a website. We will also review a website in the making together so you can see first hand the Do's and Don't's of building your website. 

Lesson Content

Branding as a Referral Agency ($149 when sold separately)

  • Creating a eye catching logo

  • Selecting & buying a domain name

  • Creating a website, pages to include.

  • Observe a website review. Do's & Don't's

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