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DRA Compliance

How This Course Works

This course takes you through what I personally do in an effort to stay compliant with Domestic Referral Agency requirements in California, USA. I do not recommend this course to anyone who is operating a Referral Agency in another state or country. In this course, you will find my 25 Factors Checklist to stay in compliance with state requirements based on my own interpretation of our state laws and civil codes. I also include recommended resources that I have used personally, such as where I buy my insurance and surety bond. While I do have a lot of experience and knowledge in this category, this would be a perfect time to remind you that I'm not an attorney and am only sharing with you what I do in my own business. See disclaimer in footer. 


DRA Compliance

According to Employment Attorney, Susan Zeme, audits generally occur on the state level and is intended to determine proper or improper classification of workers as Independent Contractors. Failure to pass an audit could lead to years of back pay of taxes, fees and fines. It is vital that DRAs comply to the guidelines laid out by the authorities at the onset of building their business, as some of these relate to the set-up of the business structure and bank accounts. The next best time to ensure you are in compliance is now.


Another great resource is the non profit organization California Coalition of Domestic Referral Agencies (CCDRA). They offer workshops twice a year to meet with other DRA owners to discuss the nuances of compliance. They also have resources such as sample contracts for cleaners, sample fee schedule, industry resources and more.



Introduction (available to view for free without enrolling)

  • Diem's Story

  • Referral Agency vs Cleaning Company

  • Why start a DRA

Diem's 25 Factors to Stay Compliant Topic List ($299)

  • Principals of a DRA

  • Paperwork required

  • State and Federal factors

  • Tax considerations

  • Operational requirements

  • Written and Oral disclosures

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