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How This Course Works

This course can take you through all the phases of starting a running your own cleaning referral agency. Each lesson (and supporting downloads) can be purchased separately from the shop page (like this lesson here), or altogether assembled into a cohesive, sequential online course found in the "Complete Program" on the shop page. 


If you're already up and running but not sure if you have your foundations properly set up, I would recommend taking this full course. However if you're confident in your foundations, then select only the lessons/content you want to develop more from the shop page.


General Course Introduction

(available to view for free without enrolling)

  • Diem's Story

  • What to expect in this course

  • What exactly is a referral agency and how it works

  • Referral Agency vs Cleaning Company

  • What can a RA do for your quality of life

  • Start up cost & monthly expense​



20 Marketing Methods

Marketing is the air supply of a business. It is a way to replace turn over and to grow your business. Over the past 8 years, I’ve dabbled in various marketing opportunities. Some were very effective and some were a huge waste of money. Avoid losing money on strategies that don’t work and focus on the ones that do. Learn the simple marketing methods that you can implement today. Find out the pitfalls and insider secrets to some of the more complex strategies that you can implement over the next few months.

Here’s a list of the top 20 strategies and tactics I’ve used in my marketing efforts, accompanied by a video going over each marketing method.

Also includes


  • A worksheet to help you implement easy marketing methods immediately, as well as plan out some more complex marketing methods for the near future

  • Tips on how to structure discounts to meet your marketing objective

Automation Overview

One of the most neglected core focuses of growing a business is to work the contacts you already have. Just think about it. You spend a lot of money and energy on marketing to expose business and draw leads to your website or to call you on the phone. How much money and energy do you actually spend on continually marketing to those leads after the first point of contact or after their cleaning service has been completed?

In 2018 I grew my business 30% and setting up automation sequences is one of the most impactful thing I did to accomplish that. I didn’t believe all the hype that other business owners were talking about when they said “Automation is key.” But, now I know. I began setting up 6 different email marketing automation sequences to target specific messages and coupon codes to contacts based on the stage they were in within the sales pipeline. It was not easy. I had to learn the capabilities within the scheduling software and CRM software I was using, create 45 emails all with the appropriate message to convert the contact to the next sales stage, then learn how to connect all that together so contacts can be automatically sorted and filtered when they move to a different stage. The key word is automatically.

Once I was done setting this up, I was able to sit back and watch the magic happen. Here, I give you an overview of how and why Automation is such a game changer.

Emails, Emails, Emails: 45 of them!

I use an automated email campaign to stay in touch with contacts throughout the year. I target the message depending on what stage they are in the sales pipeline. The objective of these emails is to do one of the following:

  • Convert leads to bookings during the peak interest period at the beginning points of contact

  • Convert one time bookings to recurring clients right after their first cleaning when they are still in love with their newly cleaned home

  • Recapture clients who cancel to incentivize continued service and restoring lost revenue

  • increase revenue by encouraging contacts to book a cleaning

  • increase conversion via seasonal and time relevant messages (ie spring cleaning, holiday cleaning, etc)

  • Increase revenue via customer referral requests

  • Educate with meaningful articles and stay in the forefront of contacts’ minds

  • Enhance business’s sell-ability, become desirable to potential buyers if you ever decide to sell your business by having permanent email marketing system in place

In this package you will see the exact 47 emails I use to automatically send to contacts throughout the year. You can duplicate these emails yourself or use them for inspiration in your own marketing messages. *Some emails are reused in different areas, depending on the contact's stage or time of year.

  • 12 Sales Capture Emails to Convert Leads to Book, Convert One Times to Recurring, Recapture Canceled New Clients and Recapture Canceled Recurring Clients

  • 14 Nurturing Emails to Recurring Clients

  • 19 Emails to Nurture Contacts. Keep in Touch & Convert to Bookings.


Lesson Content

Marketing ​($249 when sold separately)

  • 20 marketing ideas (free and paid, my experience and opinion about them)

  • Automation | What is it and how can it help grow revenue at no additional marketing cost?

  • Email lists recommendation

  • Automation pipelines list: 6 lists recommendations & their different marketing messages

  • Email content ideas- and example copies of the emails 45 emails I use in my automation

  • Downloads Included: 20 Marketing Ideas List, 14 Nurturing Email Samples for Existing Clients, 19 Nurturing Emails for New Leads Sample, 12 Sales Recapture Email Samples, Automation Flow Chart

Sneak Peak:

6 Automation Sequences & Email Titles

Convert Leads to Booking

  • email "Lead to Booking 1"

  • email "Lead to Booking 2"

  • email "Lead to Booking 3"

  • email "Lead to Booking 4"

One Time Booked

  • email "Attempt to Convert 1"

  • email "Attempt to convert 2"

  • email "Attempt to convert 3"

  • email "attempt to convert 4"

Recurring Clients

  • email "$100 Referral Rewards Program"

  • email "Do I have to be home during the cleaning?"

  • email "5 hidden benefits to a maid service"

  • email "How your dollar helps families bond & prosper"

  • email "Customers’ #1 Complaint & How to Fix It"

  • email "How should I prepare for my house cleaner?"

  • email "Same Cleaner, Better Results "

  • email "Striving for Quality of Life"

  • email "5 neglected areas in cleaning that should be done..."

  • email "The “Why” Behind Our Agency "

  • email "How much should I tip my house cleaner?"

  • email "How to gift a house cleaning in less than 5 min"

  • email "Agency vs Private Maids vs Cleaning Company "

  • email "5 ways to show your cleaners you care "

Canceled Recurring Clients

  • email "convert cancelled recurring"

  • email "convert cancelled recurring 2"

  • email "convert cancelled recurring 3"

New Customer Canceled Booking

  • email "reschedule"

Leads & One Time Nurturing Automation

  • email "Striving for Quality of Life"

  • email "Do I have to be home during my house cleaning?"

  • email "Valentine's Day Gift Card"

  • email "Valentines 2/10"

  • email "Why get a move in cleaning?"

  • email "5 Forgotten Factors of Move Out Cleans"

  • email "Spring Cleaning"

  • email "Contracts are for losers"

  • email "How to book (or gift) a house cleaning online in..."

  • email "3 reasons to a guilt free home cleaning"

  • email "5 neglected areas in cleaning that should be done..."

  • email "Cash Free Payments"

  • email "Back to School"

  • email "5 Hidden benefits to a maid service"

  • email "Halloween"

  • email "Thanksgiving"

  • email "Thanksgiving 2"

  • email "Holiday Cleaning Help"

  • email "Gift a Cleaning"

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