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Online Manual

How This Course Works

This course can take you through all the phases of starting a running your own cleaning referral agency. Each lesson (and supporting downloads) can be purchased separately from the shop page (like this lesson here), or altogether assembled into a cohesive, sequential online course found in the "Complete Program" on the shop page. 


If you're already up and running but not sure if you have your foundations properly set up, I would recommend taking this full course. However if you're confident in your foundations, then select only the lessons/content you want to develop more from the shop page.


General Course Introduction

(available to view for free without enrolling)

  • Diem's Story

  • What to expect in this course

  • What exactly is a referral agency and how it works

  • Referral Agency vs Cleaning Company

  • What can a RA do for your quality of life

  • Start up cost & monthly expense​

Online Manual \ Resource Center Template

A Resource Center is a website where business owners store and update operational information to run their business. Publish policies, procedures and how-to guides here for staff or office assistants to use as reference in their daily operations and job functions. This is especially helpful during onboarding a new hire.

  • Reduce your valuable time and avoid answering the same questions over and over again.

  • Have one central location to store everything you need to know on how to operate your business.

  • Reduce paper clutter and avoid re-printing paper company manuals/handbooks when revisions are made.

  • Give access to employees or virtual assistants so they know how to complete tasks the way you intended, step by step processes spelled out.

  • Have password protection enabled to allow certain job roles or users to access their respective content. Or, have the site be accessible to site members only where you authorize permission.

  • Make your business more sell-able with an online Resource Center. Make it easier for new buyers to envision themselves running the business. Provide an extra asset above and beyond your competitors.

This Resource Center Template (RCT) is an editable website through Wix, an intuitive and user friendly website builder platform. When you purchase this RCT, you will get a copy of the website template transferred to you. Simply create a free Wix account and share your email address used for that Wix account after check out.

This is a template only. It does include some policies and procedures verbiage I use within my own company and you can still insert your own. Segregation of business categories, heading titles and subcategories make it easy for you to know what should be included in your own Resource Center. You will be guided to create policies or instructions in categories you did not even realize you needed. As a bonus I have included some content from my very own Resource Center for your use/reference.

Best of all, you can add to it as your business grows as new information needs to be captured/stored. You do not need to be an established business to benefit form this RCT. In fact, I would argue that you would get the most benefit as a new agency because you'll discover the categories that need to be documented and create process in areas you weren't aware you needed processes yet. Meanwhile, you and your assistants can still use the RCT with the content you have now and simply modify as your business expands.

What you get:

  • Resource Center Template website transferred to your Wix account via

  • A video tutorial to explain what the purpose of each category and subcategory and what information you should consider adding


You asked for it and here it is!

I've included some of the most asked about topics from the Resource Center. You'll get a copy of what I include in my site!

Just remember that these are how I handle some issues...but it's YOUR business so please change it according to how you see fit.

  • Responding to customer complaints

  • Common customer concerns and responses

  • Cleaner Issues and Resolutions

  • Billing Issues and Resolutions

You will receive a blank RCT website transfer to your ownership within Wix. It will be ready to edit with your own companies information. Edit it frequently with new policies or updated procedures. You can also upgrade through Wix to have your own personalized web address. I chose the free version because this site is an internal resource so it doesn’t matter to me that the site name includes the Wix url.


Lesson Content

An Online Resource Center ($199 when sold separately)

  • Resource Center Template Site- Log all your training, procedures, policies, & instructions in one place

  • Get an actual website template transferred to your free Wix account (a drag & drop website platform)

  • Use for training new staff/replacement staff and as an asset when selling your business

  • Includes Diem's content on how to handle customer complaints & cleaner issues

  • Downloads Include: Diem's copy/content for Resource Center, Resource Center Template Site

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