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Example video to market your Domestic Referral Agency

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

When people don't understand something, they tend to shy away from it. If you're a cleaning referral agency, you may find a struggle in lead conversion even if you have good web traffic going to your website.

I use a lot of videos in my marketing because it's a great way to gain trust and educate the viewer on what we do. It's also easy to highlight benefits without sounding salesy (is that a word?).

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Here's an example of one of the videos I use to have on my home page. I don't use this video anymore because we don't focus on hourly rates as much as we use to...what a waste of a good video!

But, now I get to share it with you! Hopefully you'll find some good content in there.

I want you to notice the choice of vocabulary being used through the video. Vocabulary choice is super important in marketing.

Customers who want to learn about who the company is will explore many pages of the entire website. I would do a warmer, more personalized video on a home page like this one below. But for my sales page I use a more direct explainer video. Customers who want to book a cleaning fast will want to know what they need to know in order to make a decision. Two different perspectives. I will also put an animated explainer video in the online store, in the next few days, where you can order it with your own logo and web address, to be used on your sales page.

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