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How To Recruit Qualified Independent Cleaning Professionals

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

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Recruiting qualified independent cleaners is probably the most challenging and impactful process of running a cleaning referral agency. When first starting out, this process is likely going to be the most difficult part of launching your business. As your referral agency matures, your client database grows and your list of registered cleaners grow, you will find that recruiting gets easier and easier. Most of the cleaners who apply to register with my agency now come by referral from other satisfied independent cleaners.

There are two problems we are trying to solve with this recruitment process. Problem #1: Getting the applicants to show up for the interview. Problem #2: Getting truly qualified applicants.

If you've ever tried to on-board new cleaners before,whether hiring employees for a cleaning company or recruiting independent cleaners for a domestic referral agency, you probably already know that no-shows to the interview is rampant. Even worse, your candidate shows up to the interview, demonstrates they have enough experience to on-board with your agency, starts picking up cleaning jobs with your agency, then your customers call to complain on their first few jobs and you get bad reviews on Yelp. That cleaner just costed you an un-telling amount of potential business.

Recruiting house cleaning independent contractors requires a vastly different set of tools than hiring employees. I should know, I've done both!

Here's my specialized recruitment system for the domestic referral agency model, working with independent cleaning professionals.

One successful recruitment of a qualified cleaner earns me $2400 of profit a month, while a poor recruitment can send valuable clients running the other direction.

4 Phases of Recruitment & Recruitment Bundle Available here:

Phase 1: Recruiting a superstar cleaner starts with a job post. Not just any job post will do. Your job post must set the tone for the screening process, in-person interview and working relationship. This job post should not bring you any and all interested leads, it should bring you pre-qualified cleaning candidates who believe they meet the specific criteria you have laid out. Cut down on recruitment time by being specific and clear in your expectations so that cleaners can confidently apply to the job. Automate your systems by having candidates apply electronically.

Phase 2: Phase two of the recruitment process is to screen the leads that come in. With the success of your job post, you won’t have to waste time kissing a hundred frogs to get one prince! This screening process allows you to assess if a lead is the right candidate to move forward, within minutes!

This helps you identify

  • do they plan to stick around long term

  • are they qualified to do the job and can back it up

  • do they meet your minimum criteria

Phase 3: One of the biggest concerns is how can an agency provide quality service to clients when they cannot train or control the work of the independent cleaners? The answer is to make sure the cleaners have a record of delivering great service and can prove it. The third phase is screening their personal and professional references. This is NOT just to verify they have worked for an individual or if the individual would put a good word for them. This is a process of asking detailed and specific questions to clearly identify if the ways in which the candidate excels and how they can be truly considered a professional in their field.

Phase 4: Lastly, you must test the candidate’s ability to demonstrate their professionalism through an in person interview. Find out what cleaners would do in difficult situations that could compromise the agency’s reputation or the client’s service experience. There’s nothing worse than disagreeing with a cleaner on how to handle a sticky customer situation AFTER it has already occurred.

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