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Automated Online Orientation for House Cleaners in a Domestic Referral Agency

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

As a domestic referral agency working with independent cleaning professionals, I found that creating an automated online orientation serves a few very important purposes. The online orientation is considered voluntary, however I found that all cleaners want to take it as it helps them understand how to work with the agency and provides useful information that will make the working relationship more fruitful.

By having the orientation recorded, I can ensure that all cleaning professionals are getting the same information. Even when I did my orientations in person, I always had papers with me to ensure I go over each bullet point with each candidate. But, if the conversation takes a turn, I may forget to go back and continue exactly where I left off.

I also like the online orientation because cleaners can always go back to their orientation if they are unsure or forgot some of the information.

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At the end of the orientation, there is a from for the cleaners to fill out which will check for their understanding. It will give them immediate feedback for the answers they marked incorrectly. This helps them stay accountable for the information they received. Doing this has saved me some headaches when cleaners claim they are W2 employees. I simply refer back to their signed contracts and check for understanding surveys which indicated they understood the working arrangement is as a 1099 contract worker.

One key component is to ensure nothing in the voluntary orientation is considered training the contract worker for their job or area of expertise. I do not have any information in the orientation regarding how to clean, since that is the professional's responsibility. I also do not discuss cleaning products, supplies or equipment, except to say that it is up to the professional to provide all their own supplies needed to complete the job.

Hopefully, you find this information helpful. I wanted to share my system to show you a simpler, time saving way of doing your orientations for your cleaning referral agency.

*Note, this video was taken down for a brief period while I changed the URL for the platform in which I used to create the online orientation. I had some viewers try to access the material which is only intended for cleaners registered to my referral agency, not the general public. Please do not attempt to access the orientation.

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