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Animated Explainer Video Package

Animated Explainer Video Package

If you own a cleaning referral agency, you may find it difficult to convey the “we are a referral agency” message to your online customers...without giving them so much information that you end up scaring them away and leave without booking. However, it is very important that customers understand they are working with a referral agency with independent cleaners rather than a company with employees in order to have the proper expectations for a long term relationship.


This explainer video seamlessly conveys what a referral agency is while highlighting the many benefits of working with a cleaning referral agency.


With this purchase, you will get the same version as this video with your own logo intro and outro (which we can make for you if you don’t already have) and your website at displayed at the bottom right hand corner throughout the video.


It will only be available for purchase by ONE cleaning referral agency per service area. You will be issued a full refund if you make a purchase after another referral agency in your area has already made a purchase and the product could not be delivered.


Video requires up to 3 days processing time after you have submitted your logo. Video has been pre-recorded, therefore script cannot be customized at this pricepoint.

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