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Recruiting Cleaners

How This Course Works

This course can take you through all the phases of starting a running your own cleaning referral agency. Each lesson (and supporting downloads) can be purchased separately from the shop page (like this lesson here), or altogether assembled into a cohesive, sequential online course found in the "Complete Program" on the shop page. 


If you're already up and running but not sure if you have your foundations properly set up, I would recommend taking this full course. However if you're confident in your foundations, then select only the lessons/content you want to develop more from the shop page.


General Course Introduction

(available to view for free without enrolling)

  • Diem's Story

  • What to expect in this course

  • What exactly is a referral agency and how it works

  • Referral Agency vs Cleaning Company

  • What can a RA do for your quality of life

  • Start up cost & monthly expense​

Recruiting Quality Cleaners

  • Fewer casual leads, more qualified candidates.

  • Assess qualifications in minutes. No more long phone screenings.

  • Don’t get fooled by a good first impression.Verify experience & qualifications.

  • Reduce complaints and improve customer retention. Ask the right questions.


Phase: Post Job

Fewer casual leads, more qualified candidates.

Recruiting a superstar cleaner starts with a job post. Not just any job post will do. Your job post must set the tone for the screening process, in-person interview and working relationship. This job post should not bring you any and all interested leads, it should bring you pre-qualified cleaning candidates who believe they meet the specific criterias you have laid out. Cut down on recruitment time by being specific and clear in your expectations so that cleaners can confidently apply to the job. Automate your systems by having candidates apply electronically.

1. Recruitment Web Page Sample

Start by creating a page on your website where job seekers can find you. Having a web page dedicated to recruiting makes it easier for cleaners to refer your work opportunity to other cleaners. This guide shows you what information should be included in your Recruitment Web Page.

2. Registration Inquiry Form (Application P1)

Candidates have viewed your job post or Recruitment Web Page and see the opportunities of working with your agency. Make it easy for them to apply online anytime by linking the form to an “apply now” button on your web page and link your web page to your job post. This guide shows you where you can create your form and what fields should be included in the form. The purpose is for candidates to self-assess their qualifications as they’re filling out the form.

3. Job Post

This is the job post that I use every time I am recruiting cleaners. Simply duplicate this with your agency’s information and have your job post up in minutes.

  • conveys what experience level will qualify

  • assures candidates they can continue with their existing clientele

  • gives them an idea of income potential

  • explains the working relationship is not employer-employee based between your agency and candidate

  • describes who this job opportunity is NOT suitable for

Phase: Screen Leads

Assess qualifications in minutes. No more long phone screenings.

Phase two of the recruitment process is to screen the leads that come in. With the success of your job post, you won’t have to waste time kissing a hundred frogs to get one prince! This screening process allows you to assess if a lead is the right candidate to move forward, within minutes!

This helps you identify

  • do they plan to stick around long term

  • are they qualified to do the job and can back it up

  • do they meet your minimum criteria

4. Registration Inquiry Form Assessment

This guide shows you what answers are expected and acceptable in the Registration Inquiry Form. Simply filling out the form does not mean the applicant is able to advance to the next phase.

5. Application Invitation & Email

Once you’ve determined a candidate should move to the next phase, send them this pre-drafted email with a link to complete their application process. With each step, both you and the candidate becomes more committed. Less no shows during interviews and waste less time with unqualified job seekers.

  • includes bullet points to go over with candidate during phone call to ensure expectations are set with independent contractor working arrangements

  • includes email sample I use to send the application


Phase: Vet Candidates

Don’t get fooled by a good first impression.Verify experience & qualifications.

One of the biggest concerns is how can an agency provide quality service to clients when they cannot train or control the work of the independent cleaners? The answer is to make sure the cleaners have a record of delivering great service and can prove it.


6. Reference Form & Schedule Preferences Form (Application P2 & P3)

This guide shows you all the fields in my Reference Form & Schedule Preferences Form and where you can create your own. Working with Independent Contractors means they get to determine their scope of work, where to work and what they offer. This form helps you identify if what they offer will meet your needs as a referral agency. It will also help you extract their references so you can verify their qualifications.

7. Personal & Professional Reference Checks

Once you’ve gathered the personal and professional references from the candidate, what questions will you ask the named reference in order to determine whether this candidate is qualified to register with your agency or not? These are the questions I use when checking references. They address some of the most problematic areas that clients complain most about house cleaners and you will discover how this candidate has dealt with those situations in the past.

8. Schedule Interview Guide

This guide shows you how to schedule interviews in a way that almost eliminates no-shows. Includes sample confirmation email I use when scheduling interviews.

Phase: Interview

Reduce complaints and improve customer retention. Ask the right questions at the beginning.

Find out what cleaners would do in difficult situations that could compromise the agency’s reputation or the client’s service experience. There’s nothing worse than disagreeing with a cleaner on how to handle a sticky customer situation AFTER it has already occurred.

9. Interview Questions

A List of 23 interview questions from easy to extremely difficult. Discover what the candidate is really made of and if they can handle difficult situations independently. You’ll be able to use the cleaner’s answers to these questions if you have to face these situations in real life and hold them accountable for what they’ve promised to deliver.

10. Interview Assessment

This guide helps you determine what are acceptable answers and what pitfalls to watch out for. A very thorough explanation of how to redirect certain questions or how to dig deeper for more information.


Phase: Orientation

11. Orientation Outline

By having a structured orientation, you can ensure that all cleaning professionals are getting the same information.

When you're ready, create an online orientation to allow cleaners to back to their orientation if they are unsure or forget some of the information.

12. Check for Understanding

At the end of the orientation, there is a from for the cleaners to fill out which will check for their understanding. It will give them immediate feedback for the answers they marked incorrectly. This helps them stay accountable for the information they received.
Doing this has saved me some headaches when cleaners claim they are W2 employees. I simply refer back to their signed contracts and check for understanding surveys which indicated they understood the working arrangement is as a 1099 contract worker.

One key component is to ensure nothing in the voluntary orientation is considered training the contract worker for their job or area of expertise. I do not have any information in the orientation regarding how to clean, since that is the professional's responsibility. I also do not discuss cleaning products, supplies or equipment, except to say that it is up to the professional to provide all their own supplies needed to complete the job.


Phase: On-boarding

13. On-boarding Checklist

Use this editable checklist for every contractor file to ensure all your cleaner files have all the proper documentation you need.


Lesson Content

Recruiting cleaners ($399 when sold separately)

  • Job post- clearly explains to cleaning candidates the expectations & benefits of working with your Agency

  • Screening questions- to ensure that lead is qualified for an interview

  • Interview questions- ensure their business practices will line up with your reputation 

  • Reference check questions- spot fake references, ensure quality cleaners without having to conduct test cleans

  • Orientation- show them how to work with your agency and set expectations

  • Check for understanding questionnaire for cleaners- to ensure they acknowledge an independent working relationship

  • On-boarding checklist- to ensure all cleaner files are properly put together

  • Reinforcing culture of working relationship to ensure clear understanding and limit liability

  • Downloads Included: Recruitment Flow Chart, Job Post, Screening Questions, Interview Questions, Reference Check Questions, Orientation Check for Understanding Survey​, Cleaner File Checklist, Sample Termination Exit Form

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