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VAs & KPIs

How This Course Works

This course can take you through all the phases of starting a running your own cleaning referral agency. Each lesson (and supporting downloads) can be purchased separately from the shop page (like this lesson here), or altogether assembled into a cohesive, sequential online course found in the "Complete Program" on the shop page. 


If you're already up and running but not sure if you have your foundations properly set up, I would recommend taking this full course. However if you're confident in your foundations, then select only the lessons/content you want to develop more from the shop page.


General Course Introduction

(available to view for free without enrolling)

  • Diem's Story

  • What to expect in this course

  • What exactly is a referral agency and how it works

  • Referral Agency vs Cleaning Company

  • What can a RA do for your quality of life

  • Start up cost & monthly expense​

VAs & KPIs

Hiring an assistant to help with daily tasks, sales or recruitment will free up so much of your time. With this new found time, you can either grow your business further or, when you've reached the desired income level, cut back your working hours. This lesson gives you what you need to post the job, screen the candidates and hire the right Virtual Assistant. This can also be applied to a local worker as well. 

I find too often that business owners fail to stay involved enough after hiring a VA. They see their business decline or quality begins to suffer in customer service. Staying engaged is vital to maintaining or growing your business after hiring VAs. I use key performance indicators to determine the health of my business, from revenue, to profit, to sales conversion, recurring revenue, customer satisfaction, and so much more. 

I meet with VAs weekly to get a pulse on the business and to remind them that I'm be a resource as well as to hold them accountable. People respect what you inspect. 


Lesson Content

Hire Virtual Assistants. Track Key Performance Indicators. Work less. ($249 when sold separately)

  • Hiring VAs and assign duties-where to post jobs, what to look for and interview questions for VAs

  • Guideline for the first 3 days of on-boarding a Virtual Assistant 

  • Key performance indicators- actual excel spreadsheet for you to fill out and track performance

  • Time management- how to cut back to working 4 hours and what you do in that time

  • Downloads Include: VA Job Post Sample, Skill Assessment Sample, Interview Questions Sample, KPI Excel Spreadsheet 

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