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Get resources to run your business on demand. Email marketing automation, explainer videos, job descriptions, sales scripts, interview questions and so much more for residential cleaning / domestic referral agencies working with independent contractors.

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Recruiting Independent Cleaning Professionals

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Recruiting house cleaning independent contractors requires a vastly different set of tools than hiring employees. I should know, I've done both!


Here's my specialized recruitment system for the domestic referral agency model, working with independent cleaning professionals.

One successful recruitment of a qualified cleaner earns me $2400 of profit a month, while a poor recruitment can send valuable clients running the other direction.

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Marketing as a Referral Agency

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Marketing as a Cleaning Referral Agency is complex due to the nature of working with independent contractors. You must not only convey the benefits and values of  your service, but you must also educate and inform the client of the working relationships...all while NOT scaring them away with your uniqueness. 

Here are 4 of my marketing tools that I use to maximize conversion rates, educate clients about our working relationship to set proper expectations, nurture clients to increase loyalty for long term growth, and reinforce company culture to protect the business model.